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Chemicals in Lash products

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Have you ever wanted to learn more about the chemicals that are used in lash products? How they work, what type of ingredients are safe and effective?

What type of ingredients are derived from animals, plant , minerals, bio-synthesis etc.., for example are you using Keratin in your lash lifts, did you know keratin is animal based?

Knowing your ingredients really does matter, we will learn the traits of the ingredients and what chemical family they belong to.

With so many lash liquids & products on the market nowadays, it's not easy to see what is approved to use and what may come as disguised liquids that should never touch lashes. 

Sometimes it can be a task for consumers to understand what ingredients are inside the products that they use or purchase, especially with so many imported chemicals under private label, this training will go into detail on each ingredient that will help you to understand the chemicals used. 

This training does not set out to scare, but rather to provide information to help  make informed choices about the products that you purchase, use or provide. 

This training will cover  liquids commonly used in lash treatments, from glue stops, accelerators, primers, etc..  How they work on lashes, and how to work with them.

This class is suitable for anyone that wants an advanced understanding in ingredients in lash chemicals , whether you are a Lash Stylist, an Educator or wish to sell lash products, and want to ensure that the products you purchase are safe to use. 

The training will also cover PH Levels and lash regulators, how they work, what makes lashes react and how natural lashes perform with the use of some ingredients.

The Ultimate guide to Lash products.

Covering chemicals that are harmful

Covering chemicals that are safe

Covering chemicals that are not for cosmetic use

Chemicals that help with retention and how they work

Chemicals that fight against good retention and how they work

Chemicals that can make you unwell

Chemicals that can create loss of lashes

Chemicals that are known irritant to eyes

Chemicals that are damaging to the mucous membranes

Chemicals that can create Chemical burns 

Are you a stylist working on clients? Learn what type of products to buy, and be free from harmful hidden ingredients.

Are you an educator? Learn in depth, how ingredients can affect lashes, what to avoid and the danger ingredients.

Are you a supplier of products? Learn what to look for in products that you supply, both good and bad. 


Do you know that lash retention  and lash attachment are more than which glue you use, its actually all about the lash cuticles, how much moisture is too much and how much is too little, this training will go into detail on chemicals and their reactions on impact. Which ingredients hold moisture, which ingredients are absorbed by the lashes, which ingredients attract water from the atmosphere,  how much is too little and how much is too much, and so much more..

You will gain an in depth understanding of what type of chemicals are used to produce lash products and their uses. This will help anyone that wants to learn about the products they use on clients or sell for the lash industry.


Would you like a  certificate?

After the zoom training, you you can receive a  certificate of attendance if you wish. Email certificate free, Hard copy £9 plus P&P.

 THIS CLASS IS BY ZOOM , Time 13.00pm - 14.30pm GMT