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UK Lash Global West Sussex Academy

Not sure what training course is the best for you?  

We have over twenty training courses and workshops for you to choose from, you can view them here to see what is the best one tailored to you.

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If you would like to request a training course or workshop that is not listed above, or would like to request a different date please contact us at

The income from the training courses are sent directly to the trainer 

Training Venue

Escape Beauty Rooms
Manor Parade
Salvington Road
BN13 2JP

Head Trainer

Vicky Bridger

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West Sussex Academy

  • My lash journey began in 2010 with my first training course in Classic Lashes. Since then, I have continually advanced my lash knowledge and skills by taking various specialised training courses and workshops, with some of the UK's leading trainers.

    I thoroughly believe it is important to invest in yourself to gain as much knowledge as possible to achieve a high level of skill and having a passion for lashes enables me to create beautiful sets of every time. Although I am trained in other beauty treatments, I grew my eyelash business so rapidly that I removed all other treatments from by menu and now have a full-time business lashing 40-50 hours a week!
  • Featuring in Lash Inc UK Magazine, I wrote a featured article based on the Lash Industry and how we can start to regulate it. Photos of my work have also been featured in the magazine over the years. I am passionate about the industry and have carried out extensive research and obtained knowledge which my students will gain from being trained by me. I enjoy attending Lash Workshops and Lash Conferences each year to fulfil my lash addiction!
  • I have also travelled across the country to take part in lash competitions such as Lash Battle, Glasgow and The Lash Games 2018. I also had the pleasure of being asked to judge The Lash Games competition at Olympia London in 2019 where I spent 2 days being a floor judge for the biggest lash competition in London that year.
  • My career has now moved towards training and I love passing on my knowledge and skill to new technicians and the most experienced. We can all learn something new and it’s a joy to watch students develop and grow. My classes run on Sundays and Mondays in small groups or 1-1 classes. I look forward to seeing you there.


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