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May'D Beautiful

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UK Lash Trainer

Donna May

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Wales Academy

  • Donna May

    Multi Award Winner
    Head Trainer Essex & Wales - UK Lash Institute
    Founder of May’d Beautiful
    Featured Writer for Lash Inc UK Magazine
  • Donna May is a Head Trainer for UK Lash Institute covering Essex & Wales, specialising in foundation level Beginner training, advanced level Russian Volume & Mega Volume training and competition workshops.
  • She is the proud owner of May'D Beautiful, which she started out 4 years ago after completing her first training course and has grown an ever successful business, specialising in education in lashes and nails.
  • In 2015, Donna decided to take the plunge and complete her Russian Volume training course allowing her to create beautiful fluffy fans and in 2017 enhanced her skills by taking Mega Volume with Miranda. 
  • Married with six children, you would assume Donna would be flat out after lashing and training, however she continues sharing her expertise and knowledge by writing featured articles for Lash Inc UK Magazine and being part of the team at Lash Events UK with London’s Super Yacht Conference and London’s Lash AFTER DARK competition.

    She is the real life Lash Super Woman! Donna’s patience and motivation calms her students, and will put this forward for all those competing!


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