UK Lash Global - Fabric Face Covering

Fabric Face Covering

The UK Lash Global Fabric Mask is the perfect and stylish accessory for all Royal Lash Artists.

Not only is it professional to use Masks while you are working in your salon or lash bar, it's now become the norm to wear them to the shops!


Fabric Face Covering   ✔


Reusable ✔

Super Soft ✔

Comfortable ✔


Key Points : 

  • Fabric Face Covering with Elastic Fitting
  • Made from breathable fabric
  • Comfortable fit and contour for your face shape
  • Machine washable and re-usable
  • Up to 200 washes
  • Made in the UK


Care Instructions : 

We recommend to wash your face covering each time you use it for best hygiene. The face coverings are machine washable (up to 60 degrees) but please avoid tumble drying to ensure the highest long lasting quality.

 Not sure on the Fabric Masks? We also offer Disposable Masks!