The UK EyeLash RulerⒹ

 The UK EyeLash Ruler

Developed, Launched and introduced to the Eyelash Industry by our innovative founder Miranda Tarpey!

Our innovative design sits perfectly on top of the eyelid, to ensure the most precise form of measuring our clients natural lashes.

What does The UK EyeLash Ruler do?

The ruler has been specifically designed for Measuring the length of natural lashes. Care for your clients natural lashes 
This tool will help you to choose the correct length to use on your client minimising natural lash damage 
The first Eyelash Ruler in the world! 

This is a disposable product. 

We work hard to research, innovate and develop products and services for the Eyelash Industry. To continue growth in the industry, please contact us if you have found a fake or copied Eyelash Ruler