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Royal Gold "FAN ME" 15mm Tweezer

The Royal Gold FAN ME 15mm" Tweezer

Our Royal Gold Tweezer is the perfect Volume tweezer. 

Base measures 15mm

Why is it perfect?

Ideal to hold  classic, volume & Mega Volume Fans with its long base  

 Lightweight, your hands will not tire! 

Beautiful bit that grabs effortlessly 

Holds fan in place with ease 

Perfect tip precision! 

Can hold all lash diameters without loosing grip  ✔

Base is 15mm  ✔

Fan Me Tweezer works like a dream. It has a great tip precision for the rolling technique and a wide 15mm base perfect for picking and holding fans. 

Need a place to keep your tweezers securely? Check out our Royal Magnetic Tweezer Case or our Royal Tweezer Pouch!

Buy two tweezers for £26.00