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QUEEN Adhesive

Queen Adhesive - UK LASH GLOBAL
Queen Adhesive - UK LASH GLOBAL

QUEEN Adhesive 

A fast setting eyelash extension adhesive for advanced technicians only.

A wonderful adhesive if you are fast at lashing, it has the perfect viscosity to make picking up super quick, the thin viscosity of this adhesive works wonderful with volume and mega volume lashes. It is also great for classic lashes, a great adhesive for the fast technician. This adhesive offers great retention and wonderful bonding. 

Who can use Queen?

This adhesive can be used by any lash artist, however it is a fast adhesive and mainly used and loved by our advanced lash artists. 

If you do find yourself working slower than this adhesive, you will work better with PRINCESS Adhesive. If you find yourself working faster than this adhesive, you will work better with DARK MATTER Adhesive. 


Key Information on Queen: 

Drying time in 1-2 seconds 

Retention is 6-7 weeks 

Ideal for Advanced Lash Artists 

Ideal for Experienced Lash Artists 

Ideal for Classic, Volume and Mega Volume Lashes  ✔

Works best in temperature 18-28 °  ✔

Optimum working humidity range between 50-70% ✔


Who is it suitable for? 

Queen is suitable for all of your clients. You can use this adhesive on all types of eyelash extensions (Classic, Russian Volume, Mega Volume) and all different types of techniques. 

A Patch Test is required with all of our Adhesives at least 48 hours ahead of their treatment. Read here how to correctly apply a Patch Test. 


Directions on how to apply? 

  1. Shake bottle upside down with an Anti-Clogging Pin for three minutes before pouring out your adhesive bead.
  2. Pour a drop of adhesive onto your chosen Adhesive Holder (Adhesive Dip Holder, Adhesive Dip Cup or Crystal Stone)
  3. Use an Adhesive Nozzle Wipe to wipe away excess adhesive and prevent from build up. 
  4. Monitor your temperature and humidity, and change your adhesive drop regular with the room conditions. 

How to store Queen Adhesive? 

  1. Keep the container tightly closed when not in use. Do not store under direct sunlight and keep in a cool place.
  2. Optimal temperature for lash extension is 18-28 degrees Celsius, with humidity of RH 50-70%.
  3. Unopened bottles can be stored in the refrigerator to extend shelf life up to 6-8 months. Once ready to use, bring out into room temperature for a minimum of 24 hours before opening.
  4. Recommended to store with a silica pack in an air tight container overnight to control moisture. Silica bag to be replaced every 4-6 weeks.
  5. Shelf life is 5-7 weeks since the bottle has been opened. 

5g Bottle. Queen Adhesive is sold in a Sealed Storage Pouch with an Anti clogging pin included to help keep that nozzle clean.



Queen Adhesive - UK LASH GLOBAL
Queen Adhesive - UK LASH GLOBAL
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Helena B.
United Kingdom

Queen adhesive

Love this glue, always have great retention & nice to work with.

Nicole H.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Queen glue

Since sampling the Queen glue, my clients have noticed the eyes seem to take less time after to be able to open comfortably. I love working with the Queen glue for classic lashes and will be purchasing the crown for my volume clients

Helen C.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Queen adhesive

Absolutely love this product. 10/10 retention and no sensitivity with clients. Highly recommend!

United Kingdom United Kingdom

Great product.

My number one!

Magdalena Z.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Amazing glue!

For a time I have been looking for a glue that would become my favourite untill I found Queen Glue. Im sure this one will stay with me for a longer time <3