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PRE MADE 10D & 5D Fans

PRE MADE Volume  FAN Lashes

These Professional Made Fans are a great way to speed up your lash sets!

Creating Mega Volume can take the fastest lash artist in excess of 3 hours for a lash  set, but with these Pre made 10D you can create beautiful lightweight Mega Volume or create a gorgeous set of Volume with the pre made 5D fans in a half the time.

Clients nowadays want good volume but do not want to lie longer than 2 hours for a mega set, with these new type of Professional made perfect fans, you can speed up your sets substantially, a win win for both client & therapist. 

The bases are heat bonded together  with short stems and tiny fine base, this makes attachment easy and the lightweight fan gives a stronger retention as no heavy lashes are applied. 

Each fan is perfectly symmetrical giving the perfect lash set throughout, making even your inners and outers easy!  

Indulge in pure luxury with these super soft and lightweight fans 

Don't struggle making the perfect fans anymore.

  Super Soft& Lightweight                                                                                                       Super Black for that gorgeous deep volume effect
  S u p e r i o r  lashes for great lash attachment. 


Should I use more adhesive with PreMades?

Yes , pick up a little more than you would normally for volume, the base needs a tiny bit more to attached the heat bond for better retention, as the bases are so tiny and slim you will not see the extra adhesive. 

Mixed Lengths

 20 8mm, 20 9mm, 60 10mm, 60 11mm, 40 12mm, 20 13mm, 20 14mm. 

240 Fans Box