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Pre Made SPIKES LONG Lengths

PRE MADE Spike Lashes for KK effect, or wispy look.

These Professional  SPIKES  are a great way to add Lightweight  SPIKES for a KK effect or a professional  uniformed wispy effect.

Creating a Spike effect is easy with these perfectly  pre made Spikes.

These Spikes are lightweight for client comfort and lash safety even though the lashes are long lengths, they are made with super lightweight material. 

 EXTRA LONG lengths 13mm - 18mm Mixed Box 

Each spike is perfectly symmetrical giving the perfect lash spike throughout, making a professional finish.

Great for `KK spike effect

Great for Strip Lash Effect  

Indulge in pure luxury with these super soft and lightweight Spikes

  Super Soft& Lightweight                                                                                                       Super Black for that gorgeous deep spike effect
  S u p e r i o r  lashes for great lash attachment. 

 XL Box 


Mixed Lengths

 12 Rows 2 x 13mm, 2 x 14mm, 2 x 15mm, 2 x 16mm, 2 x 17mm, 2 x 18mm.