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Online - EDUCATORS Training for SUCCESS - Educators Theory

Online - How To Become A Lash Teacher - Train To Teach - UK LASH GLOBAL

Educators Theory - How to become a SUCCESSFUL lash teacher !

Become an Eyelash Extension Trainer with this in depth training course!

This online training is packed with comprehensive and detailed theory  covering lessons never taught in any lash classes.

Follow Miranda in her classroom as if you were live!

Miranda Tarpey will teach you all her secrets and years of running  successful worldwide training courses,  showing you how to obtain the same

The training course teaches you how to retain and maintaining students, teaching you how the brain collects and releases information so that you utilize this fact in your trainings for success. Miranda has taught in over 60 countries worldwide through recommendations  alone! Learn her secrets. 

Lesson 1. Classroom Set Up - Not as easy as you may think, first impressions count,ALWAYS,  avoid common mistakes that stop students coming back! Learn about scientifically researched brain response to learning, unlocking power and how students receive knowledge. You could be offering students the very best of yourself, but what good is that if it sits on deaf ears? Learn how to open learning at the very highest capacity for your students. 

Lesson 2. Lash Safety - A crucial part of teaching, learn how you can create length and volume without actually adding length, for example you can make a 10mm length look like 14mm!  The secrets of adding length AND keeping lashes safe is what makes a lash artist an EXPERT, learn this skill to be amazing and teach WOW looks. 

Lesson 3. Lesson Plans. - A unique lesson plan will take students away from the norm, a detailed lesson plan will not only allow you as the teacher a uniformed execution but also create a structured learning outcome.

Lesson 4Reactions - This lesson is full of actual real research from years of running a research project on reactions, the lesson will teach you how to recognise the difference from irritations, follicle reactions, sensitivities to products and REAL allergic reactions, This is such a great lesson as you will be see the  the different type of swollen eyes, red sore and inflamed, many confuse this for allergy, this training will teach you how to identify what type of reaction it is, a lesson that many students have absolutely loved to learn, also includes ph balance & levels. 

Lesson 5.  Retention  - But not as you know it! This lesson focuses on hidden reasons that clients suffer retention such as vitamin tablets to medical conditions and more, a real eye opening lesson

Lesson 6 Lashes - How are lashes made? covering reasons why some lashes look thicker from different brands, why some lash curls vary from suppliers, why some lashes look darker etc.. All your questions answered in this lesson.

Lesson 7 Manuals -  Writing interesting manuals does not need to be daunting, this lesson teaches you how to simplify whist choosing appropriate materials, a step by step chapter made easy. 

Lesson 8 Adhesives -  Learn when to use the correct chemical basis for the type of lash work you want to execute.

On successful completion you will receive an EXPERT Level in lashes.

Thinking of levelling up your career?  Want to increase on your income?
Do you feel that you are ready to 
teach other lash artists?

Become an Expert Lash Educator!

PLEASE NOTE: If you are not yet an educator and want to add a professional Teaching qualification, choose from the following

AET qualification online training , this will allow you to teach in any collage or training academy around 6 months online after you have taken this educators expert theory


Teachers Train to Teach Diploma online training this will allow you to teach in your academy as a teacher.  30 hours online after you have taken this educators expert theory.


**Please note that ALL training courses have an expiration date.
Online Mega Volume - 1 Year.  Online How To Win Competitions & How To Become A Lash Teacher - 6 Months.

Online - How To Become A Lash Teacher - Train To Teach - UK LASH GLOBAL
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Nicole H.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Miranda is generally the Queen off lashes. I have come away with so much knowledge which was taught in a way I’ll never forget. And be able to use for my future clients and students. I am forever grateful I booked this course my while experience was fabulous. I’m looking forward to completing part and 2 and being able to teach with confidence. I also know any problems after and worries I may have, I can contact and not feel worried asking for any areas I feel ill need. Thank you lash global your generally amazing. Xx

United Kingdom United Kingdom
Train to Teach Training

It was a great course. Miranda is the best! I would recommend this course to anyone!

Belgium Belgium
Outstanding course

Thank you Miranda for everything you taught us . This class is one I a million ! Not to miss... ♥️

Vedrana C.
Slovenia Slovenia
Train to teach

Miranda is truly the queen of eyelashes. So much new useful information for me, so much knowledge. I’ve always wanted to learn from the best and Miranda is perfect. I recommend her trainings to anyone who wants to learn to the maximum. I love uk lash global. Thank u ❤️

Jo C.
Train to teach

I can not recommend Miranda enough, after completing my master volume level with her last year I Just couldn’t wait to go back and continue my lash journey further. I have just completed a two day train to teach course and once again I have been completely blown away with Miranda’s knowledge and enthusiasm. Miranda really is the lash expert queen xX