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Mega Volume Training Course

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Become a Certified Mega Volume professional with this in depth training course!

Thinking of adding a new a skill?  Want to increase on your income?
Become a certified Lash Master!

Who Is This Training Course For?

Our Mega Volume training course is for lash artists who are already qualified in the Russian Volume technique  ✔
This course is also suitable for those who are existing Mega Volume therapists looking to up-skill and add to their portfolio! ✔
Designed to provide you with thorough knowledge, skills and technique required to start in this highly lucrative new skill ✔

What Does The Training Course Cover?

This training course is like no other MEGA volume training out there, not only will you learn MEGA Volume Training but we have also included learning skills for a master - taking you from Lash Stylist to a Lash Master.

You will learn at a mastered level of how to cleverly use layering, curls, circumference lashing and many other areas. It is a  detailed and comprehensive training course, covering many areas that are not taught at other levels. 

We are innovators of Mega Volume techniques and have taught many renowned educators globally. Our Mega volume courses are world famous for their originality and in depth learning. 

We will ensure you  receive the highest knowledge of both theory and practical technique in order to feel comfortable and confident with your new Mega Volume application including all the products and tools you will learn to use on the day.

At UK Lash Global we always offer ongoing support with your Master Educator or the team at UK Lash HQ after your training.

We do not train then leave you, we continue to mentor you through your lash journey.

Learn How to create the Mega Volume technique for Eyelash Extensions in a step by step process.

What Do I Learn In The Training Course?

• Learn how to apply SAFE everyday Mega Volume, not just        for occasions.
• How to work with super fine lashes of 0.04mm and 0.03mm.
Learn how to work with 4 different methods of Mega Volume to create extreme fullness
• Mirror Link® placement – best retention for mega volume.
• How to use supplementary lashes.
• When to use suitable lengths and curls to achieve a smooth    professional top finish.
• Extended mapping for ultimate perfection.
• How to use the clock system for perfect results. 
• Learn and understand the importance of gravity when              lashing for superior results.
• Adhesives and how these chemicals react.
• What adhesives to use – how to apply adhesives to keep          those fans from closing
• Refresher of eye shapes – easy way to identify clients eye        shapes.
• Refresher of fanning techniques – practice with different          methods.
• Understanding Volumetric Calculations of lashes – the            unique volume calculator created by Miranda Tarpey.
• Learn what is safe and too heavy for the natural lashes.
• Learn how we apply with ease, the tiny volume lashes of          4-7mm on the inner corners of the eye
• How to price your new technique and skill.
• How to create the perfect fans and when to use wide fans        and narrow fans on specific clients.
• Learn when to use curls from C, CC, D, & M 
• Learn what techniques work with certain tweezers.

Why Choose This Training Course?

UK Lash Global are the Expert Trainers in Eyelash Extensions. We are one of the worlds leading training providers, multi Award winners, technique and lash  Innovators both in the UK and Internationally.   We have trained many lash educators and teachers around the globe, you too can benefit and come direct to us to receive all the expertise, techniques and insight that we have been providing for years. Our courses are designed with many years experience and research to ensure that you learn with the very latest techniques and professional lash products and comprehensive trainings that we provide. Our very high CPD points is evident how thorough and in-depth our training courses are.  As the worlds recognised innovators, we offer up to the minute training courses, so you will always learn the latest styles, procedures and techniques in our training courses. 

Applying MEGA VOLUME Eyelash Extensions can be quite intricate, it is not simply that you just learn to make bigger fans, Mega Volume requires skill , we will show you how  to create fullness safely, ensuring no lashes are so heavy that they drop and close the eye or that retention is poor because they pull , this course ensures that you will learn how to create fullness on all clients whether they have natural sparse lashes or short lashes. You will learn to create very dense lashes, full lashes ad give the illusion of length if they do not have length and want this look. 

You are never left alone after training with us,  You will have on going and unlimited support with your educator and Head Academy. We also offer you FREE refreshers that we run every 6 months to a year to ensure that you confident in your new skill, its also a great way to keep up to date with new products, tip etc. 
We also encourage  you to join our FREE facebook Private student group, where you will be constantly learning from our tutorials or you can ask unlimited questions, or just browse in the group etc..

• A Clear Step by Step Manual is included, for you to take away for future reference after your training course!
A MEGA VOLUME kit is included
• Fully Accredited Training Course by the Guild of Beauty Therapists
• Fully Accredited Training Course by Lash Inc Accreditation
• NALA Award Winners for Innovation 2019
• 24/7 Ongoing Support Via Email/Whatsapp/Phone/Facebook Forum
• One Day Training Course with 1 Case Studies
• Intimate small classes so each student receives quality time with our Master Educators.
• Every student will receive one-to-one time.
• Unlimited Free Refreshers 
• Mega Volume Training Kit Included
• Student lifetime discount on our professional lash products

What Happens During The Day of The Course?

Starting the day with theory, covering all knowledge needed for Mega Volume and Master Level. You will learn all about adhesives, lashes, volume calculations, different lash styles and shapes. You will learn how to execute the correct Mega Volume styling, along with how to create the techniques and application.

After an intense theory session and Lunch Break, you will practice Mega Volume techniques. You will practice your new skills on a sponge, and then perfecting the techniques onto a training head, (or live model if you choose to bring one) Live models are optional at this stage as one case study will be required after training. If you prefer to practice without a live model that is absolutely fine, as it is also ok if you prefer to practice and perfect your Mega Fan technique.

It is probably advisable not to have a live model so that the educator can practice all lengths and diameters repetitively to ensure that your fan pick up and placement is perfected. You will learn all the tricks & Skills essential in applying mega volume as unfortunately it is not as simple as just picking up 8 or 10 lashes.

We ask you to bring your volume tweezers that you are most happy working with, but you do not need to bring anything else with you, as all equipment and materials needed for the training day are included, Your educator may give you different tweezers to practice with if she feels you would benefit from a different style as not all tweezers hold larger fans easy, you will also have tweezers for Mega volume in your kit.

What Happens After The Training Course?

At the end of the training course, you will go through any questions you may have , client consultation after care, Infills and how to market your brand new lash skill/technique!

You will also be given a Certificate Of Attendance which you can proudly show until you receive your Mega Volume Diploma.  You will also have the opportunity to take photos with your certificate if you wish.

You will go home with a lot of knowledge and you will be able to recap everything you have learnt from your Manual and notes you took during the day. The Mega Volume manual also includes easy to follow Lash Styles to try at home.

Once you leave the training course, you will be required to supply one individual case study, sent to your trainer who will send feedback on the case study, covering the good points and the areas you may need to work on for future growth.

When you have successfully  completed and passed your  case study, you will be issued with an Accredited Certification (Diploma). You can now add this onto your insurance and work advertise yourself as a Mega Volume Professional - Congratulations!

Gain access to your 15% Student Discount (Valid for a month!)After the month, you will have access to your LIFETIME Student Discount of 10%, to purchase all the lash supplies and products you need.

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