M CURL Lashes

M CURL Lashes

16 Lines :  Choose the diameter in our best selling M Curl that suits you! 

What makes M CURL different?

M Curl has a base that is straight, which allows for better attachment = better retention! The M Curl is also a great versatile curl that suits almost any eye shape and style. M Curl is one of the dramatic curls so it can be great for those hooded eye shapes too. 

Don't forget, you can always mix your M Curls with other Curls like C, CC and D, depending on your lash mapping.

Working with lashes like M Curl can be a challenge, but our founder and Miranda Tarpey has developed them to ensure you can pick up these lashes off the strip effortlessly and easily.

Super Soft
Super Black
S u p e r i o r 

Not sure how many lashes you can have in a fan? Check out our international Lash App - The Volumetric Calculator!