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Lip Blush - Permanent Makeup Treatment

How to book your Lip Blush treatment:

1. Choose your appointment date, please bear in mind the time a Lip Blush treatment can take. See information below.

2. You must ensure you book a consultation 48 hours prior to your Lip Blush treatment. If you select your Lip Blush appointment first, we will contact you to book a consultation ASAP.

2. Secure your appointment with a non-refundable deposit or book and pay in full.

4. Add to cart & checkout!

Email confirmation will be sent to you within 48 hours of booking, please check spam/junk folders. 

If you are after an appointment but can't find a date/time that suits you, contact us at or call us at 01582 344324 and we can help work around you.


Lip Correction

Correct any uneven lip shapes and balance out. the symmetry of the lips. Lip blush can also even out any colour imbalances!

Lip Definition

Emphasise shape of the lips with perfect crisp outline and create a stunning and  defined cupid's bow for that perfect pout!

Lip Illusion

Gives the illusion of bigger and fuller lips without injectables! It also helps create younger looking lips by minimising fine lines/creases. 

Lip Colour

Significantly reduce the time spent daily on your makeup and the cost of lipsticks! Go for a subtle natural or a bright bold colour!


  • Lip Blush is a cosmetic tattoo procedure, that uses a permanent makeup machine to implant colour by depositing ink. 
  • As the area of the cosmetic tattoo is small and on the face, you will need a top up session 6-10 weeks from your first session to ensure best healed results.   
  • Lip Blush is not the answer if someone has very small/thin lips and wants them dramatically thicker, you would need to get filler first and then lip blush.


It's very important to ensure you get these treatments done in the correct order.

As PMU lasts longer than injectable treatments, you will have more top ups of the injectables. You also need to remember that injectables change the symmetry and contour of your lips/face, so if the injectables wear off you will be left with obscure pmu.

A minimum of 6 months post lip injectables will be required before your lip blush appointment. You must also wait a minimum of two weeks after your lip blush to proceed with any additional injectables.



Depending on each client, the treatment time can range from 2-4 hours. Please allow 3.5 hour for your first treatment unless stated differently at time of consultation. 


After your first treatment, you will need to wait at least 6-8 weeks before your top up session. This is included in the price and will not last as long as the first session.


Once you have had your second session, your Lip Blush can last between 2-3 years. Annual retouches are encouraged to maintain optimal colour as fading depending on lifestyle.


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