LASH QUEEN - Real Life Practice Training Head

Real Life - Practice Training Head 

This training mannequin is a realistic mannequin head that is the perfect accessory to any lash artist or lash educator. Unlike the traditional practice training head, LASH QUEEN has interchangeable eyelids, varied natural lash lengths and moveable eyelids.

If you are a complete beginner, you will know that practice makes perfect! It can be really overwhelming and hard to become an Eyelash Artist, it takes patience and skill! A Practice training head is a great add on but a LASH QUEEN practice head is the add on you need in your lash life. Perfect for if you are looking to practice your placement, developing your existing skills or for your students if you are a lash educator.


What make LASH QUEEN better than the rest?

Lashes are more realistic to work on ✔

They have different lengths and curl up like real lashes ✔

Easier to learn on as lashes mimicking real lashes ✔

Eyelid is soft so it allows the isolation of lashes to be like working on a real person ✔

 Easy removal of lashes with eyelash remove for practice 


Why is a training head good?

Great practice for beginners 

Practice your styling  ✔

Practice your placement  ✔

Great for a new technique  ✔

Perfect for training!  ✔


This Real Life mannequin comes with 1 x pair of interchangeable eyelids already attached. 

Interchange lashes pack of six sold separately here.