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Lash Lift Lamination Kit - SUPER FAST

Global Lash Lift System - SUPER FAST SYSTEM

Our UK Lash Global Lash Lift System has been specially developed to work fast and effective without waiting ages for each step to take.

Everything you need for a Lash lift & Lamination treatment 

Our amazing Lash lift adhesive will act instantly  on contact to maximize your time immediately without waiting for the glue to go tacky first , will hold the lashes in place with no fuss or movement,

Our Lift solutions will work fast and effective without damaging the lashes, and no long exposure times needed. 

The Lamination solution is packed with ingredients to feed the lashes after treatment and an be kept on the lashes for up to 12 hours, no need to remove after treatment 

Using safe and luxurious products made in the UK under strict safety guidelines. 

Our Professional  Lash Lift System is packaged in an easy to store Gold magnetic case.


What does the Lash Lift Kit Include?

1 x  SUPER FAST Lash Adhesive 

1 x Professional PUMP Bottle of Lift 5ml

1 x Professional PUMP Bottle of Fixing Lotion 5ml 

1 x Professional PUMP Bottle of Lamination Treatment 

 PINK Lash Lift Comb

Selection of  Lash Lift Silicone Shields in different colours (small, medium, large)

Instructions card 


Lifting and caring for the lashes at the same time. 

Our Professional FAST  Lash Lift System will last for up to 10/ 20 sets. 

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