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Instagram Critique

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Instagram is one of the biggest platforms to sell your services as a Lash Artist. If you do not utilise the platform correctly, you could be wasting precious time! If you are creating content or uploading photos of your lash work, but not getting any form of sales or new clients in - you need to level up your Instagram game! 


Is your profile completed in the correct way? Have you adjusted your bio to attract customers?


Are you following the correct people? If you are not following the correct people, you will not be able to attract clients/make money.

Toothbrush product


A key part of being found on Instagram - Are you using hashtags? Are you using the right hashtags? Are you using too many?


Are you using your account wisely? Are you taking photos correctly and attracting potential customers with your feed?

Instagram Critique

  • Learn how to use your bio correctly
  • Adjust following and increase engagement
  • Fix instagram layout and feed to attract
  • Increase your exposure and gain clients
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product image


We're taking the personal approach, taking each individual instagram account and giving YOU the best things about your personal account and the things that need work and could be adjusted to elevate and level up your social media on the gram! 

We take every single Instagram Account that signs up, and tackle it in a personal way. Each account is unique, and we will work on your own instagram account exactly like that - unique for you. 


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