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This wonderful and specially formulated lash  product will  rapidly speed up any lash glue making it great to always have a bottle at hand.

When to use

When you feel you  are working in low humidity and need to speed up your glue because its working very slowly

When you are struggling with keeping your fans open, this will speed up your glue so that it does not travel up your fans

When you are working with a thin glue that just quickly runs up the lash and you want less glue on the lash, this Elite accelerator will slow down the movement of your glue

ACCELERATOR  will help you with many situations that you may find on a daily bases in particular, speeding up the glue.


Works with any eyelash adhesive! 

Rapidly speeds up  the glue from traveling up the fan 

Directions on how to apply? 

  1. Shake bottle well, with the pipette, drop a small bead onto your jade stone or similar, using a small micropore brush pick up a small amount of ACCELERATOR and brush the base of the lashes from your lash tray. Only apply to around 1mm from base, wait 1 minute.
  2. Pick up your fans and dip into the adhesive as you would normally work and see the magic happen.

When to apply Rapid Fan?

Up To And Around 22 °C room temperature – Twice a Day.

Over 22°C Room Temperature –  When you see that your lovely fans no longer stay open with ease!  You can keep reapplying to the same strip, it will not cause any problems. 

 Only to be used on lash extensions and NOT directly onto clients natural lashes.

Why not pair this innovative product with one of our Lashes.

MADE IN UK ,  British Safety Approved  5ml