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Such a wonderful product that does so much!

Will STOP Brush offs

Will SPEED up your attachment

Will give BETTER retention because it regulates the natural lash PH levels

Will SPEED up your work

This is a wonderful and unique Lash product that we developed  to help the Lash Artist work efficiently with no problems.

When to use as a PH REGULATOR

Use it on the Natural lashes to add the correct moisture to the natural lash before application, this in return will allow the glue to connect and grab much faster. 

You can use it at the start of your lash treatment as a primer, then every 15 minutes or so, apply to the area of natural lashes that you are working on, it will not matter if it touches the lashes again and again, or use when needed.

In addition, it will open the cuticle to the perfect level for great attachment which means better retention. 

Are you lashes not attaching fast enough?

Are you struggling with balancing humidity levels?

Are you having brush offs?

Are you fans closing on contact with the natural lash?

Are your classic lashes fixing in the wrong direction, do they move on placement?

This amazing invention of a product will fix all your problems and become your BEST FRIEND!


On top of all that it also it also has 3 other great benefits!


1. Accelerates 
2. Primes
3. Fumes Bond




You can use onto the lash strips to speed up your adhesive, especially if you are finding your glue to dry slowly, or your glue is running up your lash, can be used with any glue. 

Use directly on the natural eyelashes to add moisture. This will help with attachment and  keep those fans from closing. If we don’t have enough moisture on our natural lashes, our fans will start to close together creating long stalks. The built in  Accelerator formulae helps keep your fans to stay open when you’ve placed them.


Can be used in place of a primer, as it is the perfect ph regulator to clean the lashes without stripping them from moisture. Use as you would any lash primer.


Will minimise the fumes that circle around the eyes from the glues, helping to avoid irritations for sensitive clients, this happens when you place the PH REGULATOR on the natural lashes before application. 

Application onto Natural Eyelashes  as Primer: 

  1. Apply a drop of PH BALANCER using the pipette onto any jade stone or similar, with a   Micro Brush pick up a small bead and apply across the lashes if using as a PRIMER
  2. Work as usual.

 Application onto Natural Eyelashes  as a PH BALANCER REGULATOR

  1. Apply a drop of PH BALANCER using the pipette onto any jade stone or similar, with a  Micro pore Brush pick up a small bead and apply to the base of the natural lashes just before placing your extensions
  2. Repeat every 15 minutes or so on the natural lashes at the base


Do you have low humidity? Do you need to clean the lash strip?

 You need to use on the Eyelash Extension Strip.

Application onto Eyelash Extension Strip : Accelerator

    1. Apply a drop of PH BALANCER onto a jade stone or similar using   a Micro Pore  Brush pick up a small bead and lightly wet the base of the extensions on the strip, no more than 2mm from the base.
    2. Let dry/evaporate for 1-2 minutes
    3. Work as usual.
    4. Repeat daily or every 2 hours if working in temperatures above 22 degrees Celcius




Made in the UK under Approved Safety Guidelines


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Shan M.
United Kingdom

HP balance

Absolutely amazing product, this really speeds up my full sets and also leaves no fumes ! LOVE LOVE LOve this product

Laura J.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Game changer

Absolutely love this It really does stop brush offs ! I apply a drop before I lash and then around every 20-30 mins Helps with the recent high humidity we’ve had with this ever changing weather Highly recommend