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C CURL Lashes

16 Lines :  Choose the diameter in our best selling C Curl that suits you! 

What makes C CURL special?

C Curl has a base that is straight, which allows for better attachment = better retention! C curl is a great all rounder that suits the majority of clients , it’s great fir a natural look as it has a relaxed curl. Our lashes are all very dark from root to base with only small tapered tips making them ideal for that wow effect. 

Don't forget, you can always mix your C Curls with other Curls like CC, D or even M depending on your lash mapping.

Working with lashes like C Curl can be a challenge, but our founder and Miranda Tarpey has developed them to ensure you can pick up these lashes off the strip effortlessly and easily.

Super Soft
Super Black
S u p e r i o r 

Not sure how many lashes you can have in a fan? Check out our international Lash App - The Volumetric Calculator!