Antibacterial Make Up Remover for Lash Extensions

We are so excited to finally bring to you this amazing MAKEUP REMOVER for the lash Industry.

A specially formulated product that is packed with ingredients to protect and feed the delicate eyelid and under eye area! and face if you want to splash out and use it as your daily makeup remover for the full face!

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What is it?

This amazing Makeup Remover will protect, treat and repair any dry eyelids. It will regulate and treat the skins inflammatory levels, meaning no more sore eyelids, puffy eyelids or swollen eyes in the morning after a lash application.

As we age our eyelids lose elasticity, our Makeup remover will penetrate the skin more easily to promote collagen renewal.

How to use #1

  • Use before lash application on the eyelid to cleanse and protect before lash application.

How to use #2

  • Use as Aftercare for clients to remove makeup and clean area without compromising their lashes!

what does it do?

☑️ Regulates and treats Inflammatory levels
☑️ Helps wounds heel faster
☑️ Promotes blood circulation to keep eyelid skin younger
☑️ Vitamin C deviates feeds nutrition on the gentle eyelid
☑️ With added skin conditioner for the smooth soft skin
☑️ Less fine lines and wrinkles
☑️ Added barrier that does not wash off to help protect the eyelid
☑️ Antibacterial to keep your eyelids clean and free from bacteria

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Why is it different to any other makeup Remover?

  • We have developed this makeup remover to work in harmony with Lash Extensions, The makeup Remover will NOT damage or compromise lash application. Clients can use as aftercare to thoroughly clean the eyelid daily, whilst keeping their lashes free from damage.

Why can't they use a Lash Shampoo?

  • Lash shampoos have been developed for the actual eyelashes with a higher concentration of ingredients that raise the PH of the lashes, our natural lashes have a pH of around 4.5 - 5.5, lash shampoos have a higher PH, typically 6 - 7 to help open the lash cuticles to thoroughly clean and prepare the lashes for a seamless application.

    If we apply lash shampoo to the delicate eyelid area we are making the skin more alkaline, which means that we are creating a drier eyelid, pulling out all the hydration of the eyelid that can make it prone to the skin becoming dry and cracked that can lead to inflammation, which can then lead to ageing the eyelid much faster.

    If the eyelid is already prone to dryness, a lash shampoo can strip the eyelid and cause inflammation and swollen

Safe Product

Animal Friendly

Made in UK