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Amazing Henna Brow Lock

Amazing Henna Brow Lock



Lock in and protect your Henna Brow treatment with this special formula that will extend the life of the henna and slow down the fading of the colour.

The only AFTERCARE that is needed for your clients, use daily on Henna Brows.


Rose Water Scented 

Retail as Aftercare for Clients  

Extend the life of Henna Brows ✔

Slow Down the Fading of Colour 


Directions to Use - Henna Brow Treatment: 

  • Continue to do Henna Brow Treatment like normal.

  • Apply directly after the Henna treatment as the last stage.

  • Leave it on the brow

Directions to Use - Client Aftercare: 

  • Do not touch the brows on the day after the treatment.

  • Apply onto the brows daily to lock in your colour and stop it from fading.


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