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Ever wondered why your adhesive is not lasting as long as it should?

Or maybe you are finding retention is no longer at it's finest! 

We've got you! 


Inside your Adhesive Care Kit :

Adhesive Nozzle Pin 

Reusable Always!
Works with All Adhesives!
Stops Blockage!

Adhesive Nozzle Wipes

Cotton Free!
Lint Free!
Stops Blockage!

Instructions to use with your adhesive :

  1. Grab your favourite Adhesive and remove lid.
  2. Pop the Adhesive Nozzle Pin in and shake for 1 minute.
  3. Remove the Nozzle Pin and pour out your adhesive. 
  4. Wipe the adhesive nozzle with a Nozzle Wipe
  5. Place lid back onto your glue.
  6. Lash away!