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Inner Corner

Inner Corner

Single Tray : 6mm Length

0.07mm Thickness - C Curl

Do you find those inner corners hard? Maybe you dread it when you have to do those inner corners?

Lucky for you, we have tried and tested these Inner Corner lashes to ensure you don’t struggle anymore! A special tray filled with short 6mm length, to give those inner lashes pop.

Indulge in pure luxury with these feather light majestic 0.07mm lashes that have been made especially for you to be able to pick them off the strip effortlessly and easily finished off with a lovely black and deep look. The perfect tray to have in your lash supplies, not only are the short lengths great for inner corners but they also work perfectly for bottom lashes for the full lash look.

Super Soft
Super Black
S u p e r i o r 

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