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Chicago, USA Academy

Our Chicago Training Academy holds Training Courses from Beginner to Master Level. 

You can choose from : 
Beginners Classic Training Course
Beginners Classic & Hybrid Training Course
Straight To Volume Training Course
Russian Volume Training Course
Mega Volume Training Course

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Chicago Academy

  • People say: “ To become the best at what you do, you need to learn from the best in the industry” and in my case, I say: “Everything starts from a WISH..”.

    So, when 3 years ago I decided to leave my job in logistics, that I was successful at for last 10 years, and start from zero in lash industry, I knew that to achieve what I want, I have to learn the correct way so I could become one of the best - just like people I learn from. The distance is only a number of miles or flight hours to get you to the right educator and I knew I was willing to travel.  
  • My first trip was to Lithuania, where I am originally from, and there I learned the correct and safe way to apply lash extensions. I should mention that up to that point I have never even tried to apply the extension on the natural lash nor had I ever held the tweezers in my hands. I was told his kind of work requires lots of practice, determination and patience, I can honestly say – this is completely right. it does, but if you like what you do, it makes you want to succeed and get better. 
  • Social media gave me opportunities to learn about future trainings or events I would like to attend and there were quite a few. Just 3 months after my initial trainings ( I was taught Classic and Volume on my trip to Lithuania), I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and there popped an add for Volume training in Las Vegas, Nevada. Not thinking too much I emailed the organizer and few weeks later, I was sitting in the room with other ladies ready to learn more about Russian Volume technique.

    More trainings in different destinations have followed Mega Volume in Chicago, Advanced Volume Training in Los Angeles,

  • Lash industry is still evolving and growing. I was amazed by the Hollywood Lash Conference ( Los Angeles, California) speakers, how dedicated they are to bring the newest, most updated information on lash safety, styling, adhesives, application and more. We, attendees, had chances to ask questions and get tips from all participating educators and one of them was Miranda Tarpey of UK Lash Institute.

    Not only this beautiful smart woman taught us about lash safety, she also explained that beautiful looking set does not mean it is safe for client’s lashes. She is a researcher, an international speaker and judge in lash conferences and competitions all over the world. I was convinced she is the right educator for me to take my Expert level-Train to Teach training in Luton, UK where UK Lash Institute is located. After all the trainings I had taken, I thought I will just refresh my knowledge, but little did I know, there was a lot to learn again. Miranda explained in detail, based on research, so many things we, lash artists, do right or wrong and never know why, but we all should. She is definitely an amazing educator to learn from and highly recommended.
  • Dream big, never stop learning and travel wherever it takes, because knowledge is priceless!

    Looking forward to read your opinion. Thank you so much for this opportunity.


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