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Become an Eyelash Extension Trainer with this in depth training course!

Thinking of levelling up your career?  Want to increase on your income?
Do you feel that you are ready to
teach other lash artists?
Become an Expert Lash Educator!

Who Is This Training Course For?

Our Train to Teach - The Teacher's Pathway training course is only for experienced lash artists who are already qualified ✔
A Minimum of Two Years Qualification in Classic Technique is Required ✔
A Minimum of One Year Qualification in Volume Technique is Required ✔
This course is also suitable for those who are existing Trainers who are looking to up-skill and add to their portfolio! ✔
Designed to provide you with thorough knowledge, skills and technique required to start in this highly lucrative new career ✔

What Does The Training Course Cover?

This is a very thorough and detailed course, it takes 2 days to cover, the course is for true masters looking and wanting to become an expert in lashing and becoming a lash trainer. We have everything covered for you, there is no need to obtain any training certificates beforehand or elsewhere, as we do all this for you and it is included. This training course is full of advanced theory knowledge which will prepare you to teach lashes at all levels. 

You will learn all about eyelash extension theory that you can pass on to students through your own teaching, plus you will learn how to become a brilliant Educator. As this is a highly intensive and intricate training course, prior experience is needed. Please check here to find out what experience or certification is needed prior to training.  

At UK Lash Global we always offer ongoing support with your Master Educator or the team at UK Lash HQ after your training.

We do not train then leave you, we continue to mentor you through your lash journey.

Learn How to become a Trainer for Eyelash Extensions in a step by step process by our international and Award Winning Educator Miranda Tarpey.

What Do I Learn In The Training Course?

• Learn the teacher's approach to training in eyelashes.
• Learn all about our natural lashes and how they react with      chemicals.
• Learn about PH Levels & chemicals.
• Learn How to teach and get the best out of your students.
• Learn about lashes, how they are made and what to look for.
• Learn about adhesives and which ones are safe to use. 
• Learn How to obtain a better retention, the hidden obstacles.
• How to work with adhesives, all about reacting chemicals or    combusting. 
• Learn about how power in adhesives are tested and what        does 1 – 2 seconds really mean?
• Learn about medicines & medical conditions.
• How to correctly and professionally teach students.
• Learn about how our brains are designed to collect data.
• Retention & Chemical reactions.
• Retention & Medical conditions.
• What type of lashes to use.
• Irritation, Allergies & contact dermatitis explained.
• Learn how to use the Volumetric calculator.
• How to set up and start your classes.
• How to run your class for optimum impact.
• How to get noticed as a teacher both national &                           international
• Eye diseases, consultations and contraindications for                students.

Why Choose This Training Course?

UK Lash Global are the Expert Trainers in Eyelash Extensions. We are one of the worlds leading training providers, multi Award winners, technique and lash Innovators both in the UK and Internationally. We have trained many lash educators and teachers around the globe. 

Our training courses will teach you everything you need to know to start your lash business. We show you not only how to apply lashes but how to apply them on different eye shapes, we go through different lengths, curls, thickness. We teach you how to apply professional lash extensions and more importantly we give you lifetime unlimited support direct with your educator, head office and student forum.

• A Clear Step by Step Manual is included, for you to take away for future reference after your training course!  
• NALA Award Winners for Innovation 2019
• 24/7 Ongoing Support Via Email/Whatsapp/Phone/Facebook Forum
• Intimate small classes so each student receives quality time with our Miranda  Tarpey 
• Every student will receive one-to-one time.  
• Student lifetime discount on our professional lash products
• Private Label products available to carry your own products line.

What Happens During The Training Course?

This training course is split into two training days. Over the duration of the two days you will cover all of the above including the following :
✔ Manual Writing – with examples and illustrations
✔ Product Branding – What to look for or what to avoid and        the danger signs of sourcing products!
✔ The Lash Safety Program – created by Miranda Tarpey.
✔ Avoiding Lash damage & teaching safe methods.
✔ Preparing your powerpoint and classroom learning
✔ Irritation, Allergies & contact dermatitis explained
✔ Learn how to use the famous Volumetric calculator®
✔ How to set up and start your classes
✔ Lash Educators certificate – with or without (optional) 

DAY 1 will cover a full and comprehensive theory  training, How you will go on to teach others, setting up, writing manuals, get accreditation etc and be able to answer students questions.

Day 2 will cover more theory and how to win at competitions, how to market your business, along with how to raise your profile and become a professional and recognised lash maker. In addition to all of the above, you will also given tips of what to look for when choosing correct suppliers and products. 

At the end of the two day training course, you will go through a recap of the two days and you will receive your certificate for Expert Level on successful completion.

What Happens After The Training Course?

You will go home with a lot of knowledge and you will be able to recap everything you learnt from your Manual and notes you took during the day.

To become a qualified teacher of lashes (if you are not one already) You will then take the online training program which is emailed to you. This is a 30 hour distance learning course, you will work through a manual, do 2 written assessments and a 10 – 15 minute micro teaching session at a location you choose to receive your diploma. There is no additional cost for this.

Once you have finished the online training program and on successful completion of this you will be issued with a certificate to become a teacher and be able to teach others in this lucrative and rewarding career.

When you have successfully  completed and passed your online training program you will be issued with an Accredited Certification (Diploma). You can now add this onto your insurance and advertise yourself as an educator.

Gain access to your 15% Student Discount (Valid for a month!)After the month, you will have access to your LIFETIME Student Discount of 10%, to purchase all the lash supplies you need. If you are looking at becoming a brand partner you can customise our training kits to fit your needs.


Hi Darlings,

"The Lash Industry is my world, and I wear many hats across this industry. I have a huge amount of Love and Passion for the Lash Industry and sharing my expertise & knowledge is something that means a lot to me."

» Multi -Award Winner in Lashes
» Multi-Award Winner in Business
» Lash Researcher - Head of UK LASH GLOBAL Research Centre
» Lash Expert  - Educating the world including other Educators!
» Innovator of techniques - You probably use them!
» Author of many educational programs
» Creator of the world’s first Lash Volume Calculator App
» Creator of the world's first Lash Ruler!
» International Speaker in Lashes & Business
» International Educator
» International Judge
Lash Journalist for Beauty Publications
Lash Enthusiast - Helps Lash Artists with everything they ever need!

With all that in mind, I am excited to meet you and guide you into becoming a brilliant Educator as our Lash Industry continues to grow and bloom!

Miranda x