The Skin Games x UK Lash Global
The Skin Games x UK Lash Global

The Skin Games x UK Lash Global


Venue : The Skin Games  2020 Virtual World Training

October 19th 2020 - Morning 10.30 PST

Educator Miranda Tarpey

Lash Lift Program for Beginners

Lengthen your lashes without using Lash extensions for beginners.

Let's talk length, who does not want longer lashes naturally?  The beauty of this wonderful treatment is not only that you can make clients natural lashes appear  longer  but also  give them a choice of  curls without using lash extensions.  

This training includes a  certificate on successful completion of 2 case studies





October 20th 2020 -  Morning 10.30 PST

Educator Miranda Tarpey

Amazing Henna Brows Prescription Treatment for all levels.

This is a treatment you really don’t want to miss having in your salons, Amazing Henna Brows Prescription treatment, is a revolutionary colour for brows, that uses only plant based products to tint the eyebrows, our new Whipped Technique & Prescription Formulation, will give the most intense colour to increase the opacity for your client.

With 11 amazing shades and a further 10 colour blends, each treatment is totally colour matched for  clients skin and hair tones.

A treatment that is mixed to a unique formulation & prescription for each and every client. 

Plant based products, not tested on animals, and vegan friendly.

This training includes a  certificate on successful completion of 2 case studies


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Join her in Lash Lift Training Course or Amazing Henna Brows

Hi Darlings,

"The Lash Industry is my world, and I wear many hats across this industry. I have a huge amount of Love and Passion for the Lash Industry and sharing my expertise & knowledge is something that means a lot to me."

» Multi -Award Winner in Lashes
» Multi-Award Winner in Business
» Lash Researcher - Head of UK LASH GLOBAL Research Centre
» Lash Expert  - Educating the world including other Educators!
» Innovator of techniques - You probably use them!
» Author of many educational programs
» Creator of the world’s first Lash Volume Calculator App
» Creator of the world's first Lash Ruler!
» International Speaker in Lashes & Business
» International Educator
» International Judge
Lash Journalist for Beauty Publications
Lash Enthusiast - Helps Lash Artists with everything they ever need!

With all that in mind, I am excited to meet you and guide you into becoming a brilliant Educator as our Lash Industry continues to grow and bloom!

Miranda x