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4 Hours of Solid Back To Back Kim K Style - Wispy Look Workshop!

Want to become the best Lash Artist?  Want to be on trend and offer the hottest Lash Style?
Want to become a better Lash Artist and gain more income?

Who Is This Workshop For?

Our Kim K Style - Wispy Look Workshops are for lash artists who are already qualified in the Classic or Volume technique  ✔
This course is suitable for those who are existing therapists looking to up-skill and be a Lash Artist offering on trend styles ✔
Designed to provide you with thorough up to date knowledge and skills to perfect the Kim K & Wispy Look Style!  ✔

What Does The Workshop Cover?

This is a Workshop, which means you will be covering a large portion of information in a short amount of time. 

Do you want to become a better lash artist? Be able to offer more lash styles to your clients, and be on trend in the industry? Our Kim K Style Workshop includes advanced mapping, knowing how to choose the correct length and diameter for your chosen client. Our workshop is broken down into theory and practical sessions, our theory is intensive and includes important knowledge you need to know about Kim K Style, and practical is where it gets fun, putting 

At UK Lash Global we always offer ongoing support with your Master Educator or the team at UK Lash HQ after your training. We do not train then leave you, we continue to mentor you through your lash journey.

Become a Kim K Style Professional! Walk out feeling confident in all aspects of the on trend Wispy Look!

What Do I Learn In The Workshop?

Depending if you are Classic Certified or Volume Certified, your workshop could differ in terms of learning fans, however everything else will be the same for both type of therapists. 

• Learn all about the new trend of Kim K Style Lashes and          how to create the perfect wispy set of eyelashes for your          clients. 
• How to correctly map your client's to give them the best            wispy set for their eye shape
• Learn how to map Kim K style lashes
• Learn how to correctly choose lengths
• Learn which diameters work best for the style
• Step by Step process from theory to practical
• Learn when to use curls from C, CC, D, L L+ LC
• Go through the common mistakes you will come across and    how to overcome them and create perfect kim k style lashes.
• Creating narrow fans and when to use them 
• Creating wide fans and when to use them
• How to price your new styling skills
• Various pick up techniques
• Learn how to create perfect fans for the Wispy Look 

Why Choose This Workshop?

UK Lash Global are the Expert Trainers in Eyelash Extensions. We are one of the worlds leading training providers, multi Award winners, technique and lash Innovators both in the UK and Internationally.   We have trained many lash educators and teachers around the globe, you too can benefit and come direct to us to receive all the expertise, techniques and insight that we have been providing for years. Our courses are designed with many years experience and research to ensure that you learn with the very latest techniques and professional lash products and comprehensive trainings that we provide. 

Our training courses and workshops will teach you everything you need to know to start your new treatment  We show you everything from theory to practical. We give you lifetime unlimited support direct with your educator, head office and student forum.

• Certificate of Attendance to add to your wall!
• NALA Award Winners for Innovation 2019
• 24/7 Ongoing Support Via Email/Whatsapp/Phone/Facebook Forum
• 4 Hours of Intense Workshop!
• Intimate small workshops so each student receives quality time with our Master Educators.
• Every student will receive one-to-one time.
• Student lifetime discount on our professional lash products

What Happens During The Workshop?

You will start the day with your educator going through all important theory, covering styling, curls, diameters and everything you need to know that will lead you to creating the perfect Wispy Look/Kim K style lash sets.

Once you have finished your theory, it's time to get practical! You will learn how to map, following everything you have just learnt. Once you have mapped correctly, you will learn and practice how to create the fans (if you are Russian Volume certified) you will need for Kim K Style. 

This workshop is both theory and practical, with a lot of hands on practice, it is optional to bring a model with you. A model will need to be arranged by yourself, if you do not have a model to bring you will execute Kim K Lashes on a sponge, before moving onto a practice head. 

After the workshop, you will be able to walk away feeling excited and confident, ready to start offering your clients a brand new, on trend lash style that they will be queuing up for!

What Happens After The Workshop?

At the end of the workshop, you will go through any questions and answers.

You will walk home feeling amazing, confident and be able to show off your brand new Certificate of Attendance, all while being excited to offer your new wispy look!

You will go home with a lot of knowledge and you will be able to recap everything you learnt from your notes you took during the day. As with any workshop, you will always have access to all of our Customer Support platforms. 

As this is a workshop, there is no case studies needed, but if you would like any help after training , you are more than welcome to contact us at anytime! 

Gain access to your 15% Student Discount (Valid for a month!)After the month, you will have access to your LIFETIME Student Discount of 10%, to purchase all the lash supplies and products you need.