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Conversion  Level

10.00am - 1.00pm

This Training Course is for already trained HENNA brow artists who are wanting to convert to the  Amazing Henna Brows treatment.

Become a Certified AMAZING Henna Brows professional with this in depth training course!

Have you already trained in henna Brows, but are not getting the results you are happy with? 
This is a very common scenario,
with our Amazing Henna Brows conversion training, you will be taught every tiny detail that makes a huge difference in the execution of Amazing Brows. 

Did you know?

Henna Colours last longer than others and come in 11 Amazing shades!

 Who Is This Training Course For?

What Does The Training Course Cover?

Have you trained in Henna Brows and want to learn how to apply Amazing Henna Brows?
Our conversion training will update you with the latest innovations to create amazing brows, the conversion will cover in depth  scientific knowledge that will help you to create intense colours, deep shades, longevity and application procedure to get that perfect colour your clients will love. 

When it comes to Henna Brows many factors can contribute to poor colour results. At Amazing Henna Brows, we have been testing products, applications and techniques for years to develop colours that will be intense and strong. 
In the conversion training you will learn:

How our Henna powders were created,  100% pure and organic,  we will teach you how we have developed  11 different colours shades that are safe and free from chemicals.
The correct way to mix the powders to help release the colour faster,  common mistakes to avoid, even the mixing dish and how you mix will determine the end result. Our conversion training is packed with procedures to follow and  mistakes taught in many henna training classes to avoid. 
With years in the making, we will also show you the products that will enhance your henna treatment to its maximum result. 

At UK Lash Global we always offer ongoing support with your Master Educator or the team at UK Lash HQ after your training. We do not train then leave you, we continue to mentor you through your  journey.

Learn How to create the AMAZING HENNA BROWS in a step by step procedure  

What Do I Learn In The Training Course?

Theory of Henna

What to avoid in Henna Powders

The importance of organic Henna Powders 

 Henna versus  water, heat , air & deep pressure 

The art of mixing correctly 

Colour Powders & Colour Mixers

How to get the best intensive colours from your Henna

The perfect application Procedure 

Hygiene Procedures

Layering techniques

The Chemical balance  

Application on difficult brows

Working on your Model if live class 

Problem Solving

Aftercare for client 

Why Choose This Training Course?

UK Lash Global are the Expert Trainers in all lash & Brow  treatments. We are one of the worlds leading training providers, multi Award winners, technique and lash  Innovators both in the UK and Internationally.   We have trained many lash educators and teachers around the globe, you too can benefit and come direct to us to receive all the expertise, techniques and insight that we have been providing for years. Our courses are designed with many years experience and research to ensure that you learn with the very latest techniques and professional lash products and comprehensive trainings that we provide. Our very high CPD points is evident how thorough and in-depth our training courses are.  As the worlds recognised innovators, we offer up to the minute training courses, so you will always learn the latest styles, procedures and techniques in our training courses. 

Applying Henna can be quite intricate, this conversion training will  ensure that you will update your technique and introduce your new application procedures. 
It is advisable to purchase the Amazing Henna Brows kit to get the very best out of your training as products play a huge role in the strength of the Henna, not all Henna powders are pure and free from particles, we have created our own Henna powders with tricks to help easy application and longevity of colour. 

• NALA Award Winners for Innovation 2019
• 24/7 Ongoing Support Via Email/Whatsapp/Phone/Facebook Forum
• 4 Hour Training Course with Case Studies
• Intimate small classes so each student receives quality time with our Master Educators.
• Every student will receive one-to-one time.
• Unlimited Free Refreshers
• Student lifetime discount on our professional lash products

Do you live overseas and prefer online?

No matter where you live, you can still join us live via zoom training! 

After training you will be required to send us 2 case studies to receive your certificate of Conversion to Amazing Henna Brows trained. 

Gain access to your 15% Student Discount (Valid for a month!)After the month, you will have access to your LIFETIME Student Discount of 10%, to purchase all the lash supplies and products you need.

Would you prefer live & hands on? 

We welcome you into our head quarters  in Luton , Bedfordshire
You will be required to bring a live model for this conversion training. 
A certificate of conversion training to Amazing Henna Brows will be issued at the end of your practical training.

Gain access to your 15% Student Discount (Valid for a month!)After the month, you will have access to your LIFETIME Student Discount of 10%, to purchase all the lash supplies and products you need.

Not Previously trained in Henna brow? Train Now!