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UK Lash Global - April 18 2020

Marketing on Social Media during
Uncertain Times

Have you ever thought about marketing in a crisis? Of course not. No one planned for this pandemic, but we're here to tell you why it's OK to continue marketing. It's more than OK, it's a MUST DO right now! If you were not great at marketing your business on Social Media before, than it's never too late to start now - actually it's the best time to sit down and strategise your marketing for the next few months! 

Should I Continue Posting On My Business Social Media? 

YES, YES, YES!  You should 100% continue to market your business and post on your social media pages. Let's say you had a huge billion pound company, and decided that because of the current climate (pandemic) you fire all of your digital advertisers/marketing directors - obviously this is insane and you wouldn't! So you should not stop posting, as you are your own Digital Advertiser!
You need YOU! You need Social Media! 

Should I Change My Strategy?

Think Content - Not Vanity!  Now is the time to forget about any vanity metrics you might have focused on before (likes/comments/views/shares) and focus on creating meaningful content for your current followers. Your clients will want to keep up to date with you, and maybe take some of their questions and answer them in posts. An example would be, why they shouldn't be removing their lashes at home with a DIY youtube tutorial, and instead why they should let them grow out and how they can book in for after lockdown.

How Can I Stay Connected With My Clients/Followers?

Stay Connected but Sensitively Of course without question you need to continue to stay connected to your clients and followers. A great way of staying connected on a personal level is going LIVE on Facebook or Instagram. This is the time to offer them help, support, confidence in the future and for sure - HOPE. 

Understand that people are now living through Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. This means that everyone is grieving, we've all lost. Some have lost financially, some have lost employment-wise, others have lost people, the ability to travel, or purchase things that we love (i.e Lashes) and right now your client's will be focusing on those needs above anything else - but that does not mean you should stop your business and halt because of what is going on, because you may get forgotten if you are silent and your competitors are loud. 

You can use your social media right now, to really engage with your clients - everyone is at home and spending more time online anyway so it's perfect. We are personally using this time to create new online training  (We just launched our brand new Online Competition Workshop) to not only help our customers (lash artists) with their current lash skills but to also help free up spare time! 

We have also been using our Social Media platform to teach with free tutorials, connect with our lash family and Running games to Win things! - Check our most recent posts below. 

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Would you like us to critique your Instagram? We know what works and what doesn't! With our Marketing Expertise and Lash Business Background, we have the foundations of how to create a powerful but engaging Instagram. If you feel that you need some advice, or want to see what you could improve in your Instagram - we can help and mentor you!

Instagram Critique - UK LASH GLOBAL
Instagram Critique - UK LASH GLOBAL

Instagram Critique


Make sure customer don’t need to find where is product you talking about

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