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UK Lash Global - October 30 2020


When students in class would ask me what I thought about pre-made fans, I would hit my head and think
"nooooooooo" "please stay away!!".

What changed?

PRO MADES fans were known for their chunky and thick bases. Now, there will never be anything as gorgeous as a true, handmade volume fan - the skill that took us ages to master. However, our industry evolves and I have always believed that there is room for improvements and changes.. and with this in mind I can safely say now - I am in love with the Hand-Made fans I have developed for UK Lash Global, perfect pro-made fans.

What's so different to others on the market?

Research!  I have spent years and years, developing, testing (crying) to get the perfect Hand-Made fan that I knew would be safe for our natural lashes. Here's why our Handmade fans are one of our best sellers and why they beat most on the market today. 

1. Firstly these pre-made's are very lightweight
2. I've had these developed to have the tiniest base
3. They have been developed to have the minutest bond

Check out this photo, can you tell this fan is pre made? NO, they are so beautiful and the reason I'm loving them. 

Pro Mades are IDEAL :
- For Speed!
- For Perfect Fans that create fluffy volume
- If your in a hurry, especially during busy periods, using these super lightweight lashes can speed up your work, they are SUPER safe and fall in the Volumetric Calculator® range of safe lashing, so no extra pressure on clients lashes, Fab retention because they are just like fans you make but with speedy time.

Pro Made Lashes - UK LASH GLOBAL
Pro Made Lashes - UK LASH GLOBAL
Pro Made Lashes - UK LASH GLOBAL
Pro Made Lashes - UK LASH GLOBAL
Pro Made Lashes - UK LASH GLOBAL

Pro Made Lashes


Choose between 3D or 5D with perfect bases!