UK Lash Global - April 08 2020

Why you should invest your spare time into
Online Lash Education

We all have some extra time to ourselves now, being in lockdown and staying safe at home can be hard but this is the perfect time to invest in yourself. Learning a new skill is always beneficial, and learning a skill that will enhance your own business as well is a win win! Online Lash courses are widely available, but here at UK Lash Global we have ensured that our online lash courses are easy programs to follow, whilst learning a huge amount of knowledge. Our in-house lash training courses are award winning, and we have put everything we have into the online lash courses to ensure that each student receives the same outcome. We believe in our Online Lash Courses, and we have developed particular training courses because we know what works, and we know how well student's can learn from information.

3 Reasons Why Online Lash Education Is Great

Comfort. We provide you with the top education, and the easiest platform to learn from, all you need is to be comfortable at home and learn from anywhere you like! Being comfortable is an important factor when learning a new skill, there is no added stress of getting ready or stuck in traffic. Once you are ready to learn, it's there!

Career. Building your lash career is easier than ever. Taking an online lash course does not distract you from running your lash business, you can still post on social media, answer emails as your online lash course will always be there for you no matter what else you have to do that day. 

Concentration. Whilst we all learn differently as students, online lash courses allow you to fully concentrate. Why? Because you are not distracted by other students in a class asking questions, you are not distracted with the class environment - you can make your home classroom exactly how you like!

Why we have chosen to transform our in-house Lash Training into Online Lash Education?

We believe that Lash Education is the most important backbone of an amazing Lash Artist. Whilst you can learn almost everything online, we are firm believers that if you are wanting to become a Lash Artist, or want to be in the Lash Industry - you need to take an in-house lash training course. If you are starting out, you need that hands on experience and 1-1 time with your educator, that online courses won't do.

However, Online Lash Courses are perfect and extremely beneficial for the already trained lash artist! Now more than ever, this is a chance for you to up skill your lash game and go back into your lash business bigger and better

Online Competition Ready Workshop - Course
This online lash education course is perfect for any level lash artist. Whether you are a beginner and only do Classic Lashes, or if you are an advanced Lash Artist doing mainly Russian Volume Lashes and Mega Volume Lashes. 

Competitions are the biggest and hottest thing of the lash industry right now, left right and centre you will find a lash competition! The problem with so many lash competitions, it becomes harder to actually WIN. This is where our Competition Ready Workshop course is perfect for you! 

Our founder and CEO Miranda Tarpey, travels every week around the globe to be a Master Judge, and she has broken down the top tips you need to enable you to walk out of a competition, a winner. 

Find More Information Here

Online Mega Volume Training - Course
This online lash education course is perfect for any the advanced lash artist! If you have qualified in Russian Volume Lashes, and are looking for the next step in your lash career - this is it!

Mega Volume Lashes is the biggest craze in the lash industry, but do you want to ensure you are learning the technique correctly? This training course is taught by world famous Miranda Tarpey, who is the innovator of many Mega Volume Techniques used globally! If you want to be the best, you have to learn from the best. 

Are you ready to become a Mega Volume babe?

Don't waste time, invest into your lash career now. 
Don't worry, we've got everything you need! If you need any further help or want to ask more questions about any of our online lash education courses, contact us we're always happy to help!

Online Mega Volume Training Course
Online Mega Volume Training Course

Online Mega Volume Training Course

Online Train To Teach Training Course
Online Train To Teach Training Course

Online Train To Teach Training Course

Online Competition Ready Workshop
Online Competition Ready Workshop

Online Competition Ready Workshop