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Why we're PRO for PRO Mades! | UK LASH GLOBAL

Why we're PRO for PRO Mades!

When students in class would ask me what I thought about pre-made fans, I would hit my head and think

"nooooooooo" "please stay away!!".

Why Miranda Tarpey has changed her opinion on Pro Mades fans and how she developed the best in the business. 

Marketing In Uncertain Times | UK LASH GLOBAL

Marketing In Uncertain Times

Have you ever thought about marketing in a crisis? Of course not. No one planned for this pandemic, but we're here to tell you why it's OK to continue marketing. It's more than OK, it's a MUST DO right now! If you were not great at marketing your business on Social Media before, than it's never too late to start now - actually it's the best time to sit down and strategise your marketing for the next few months! 
Online Education | UK LASH GLOBAL

Online Education

We all have some extra time to ourselves now, being in lockdown and staying safe at home can be hard but this is the perfect time to invest in yourself. Learning a new skill is always beneficial, and learning a skill that will enhance your own business as well is a win win!